Other Sharp Objects

So I ask her: lovey, tell me about blue.

“Blue,” she says, the word slowly stretching between us, and I can hardly breathe. “Blue is raindrops. Not thunderstorms, but the normal rain that comes like tears. Blue is oceans, the deep smell of salt and fish and magic. And blue is winter, I suppose, cold, when you can’t feel your toes because the snow has gone into your wellies. That’s why blue feels sad.”

Election 2016: The Results Are In and the Winner is Apathy

We know that Trump is racist and sexist and homophobic, not to mention unqualified. We know that Hillary is a liar and could very well be indicted. And no matter who wins the election, that consciousness is still a part of our mental fabric. Our voices demanding someone better weren’t heard. This election is one of reaction, instead of action. And that will always hurt.