Open Letter to the Daily Beast and Nico Hines

by Mari

Dear Daily Beast and Nico Hines:

Thank you for your article on the use of dating apps in the Olympics by the athletes.

Thank you for going into these dating apps, creating an account, and looking at the profiles of athletes with no intention of using the app for its intended purpose. You didn’t technically lie to anyone, we know. You told them you were a reporter when they responded, even though the very act of being on these apps suggest that you are here for more than a simple interview.

Thank you for focusing on the gay athletes that responded to you. We understand, gay people just tended to want more sex than straight people. We get it, it’s not like dating apps can sometimes be the only way for anyone who identifies as anything other than straight to approach others romantically without having to be in danger, or so we thought.

Better yet, thank you for publishing the rankings, heights, weights, and nationalities of the athletes you interacted with on what many lgbt people consider to be their online safe spaces (regardless of whether they were out or not). It’s fine, you didn’t publish their names though and that’s all that matters. It’s not like the these exact facts are the most important data  for anyone in their profession and are available to anyone with a working internet connection with the help of a google search engine.

Thank you for disregarding all the hard work, the hours of dedication, and the respect that all of these athletes have for their respective sport. Thank you for opening up the possibility for others to take that away from them. Thank you for reminding us why we have so few athletes that are out of the closet.

Thank you for taking down your article only after massive amounts of backlash was directed towards you and attempting to get away with a simple edit and “sorry you are offended.” Thank you, for not realizing that the information you published is already out there and can still be found by anyone that is looking.

Most of all, thank you for mentioning the fact that some of these athletes come from renowned homophobic countries. Thank you for belittling this fact, for failing to mention that people die due to the homophobia in these countries, thank you for making it into a cute little ironic twist. Thank you for your insensitivity, your disrespect, your amusement and your shaming.

Thank you for reminding us of your perception of us. Thank you for reminding us that you view us as your punchline to an ironic joke, as the cute “harmless” gossip to your clickbait articles.

We are not your punchline. We are not your cute gossip. We are not your click-bait, and most of all: we are not yours. We are human beings and as such we deserve the basic respect and dignity that comes with it. Dear Daily Beast and Nico Hines.

Mari is a highschool student in San Jose, Costa Rica. She identifies as bisexual and is as outspoken about this as some people are about their veganism, but less annoying. She is passionate about history, poetry, and white nail polish. You can find her here or here.

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