Since Loud and Alive’s purpose is to give you the platform on which you could freely express your thoughts, we are and we will forever be accepting submissions.


What do I have to do? 

You need to have an article/essay/short story/review or just an idea for it. You can find the extensive list of topics we are looking for here, but we never say no to a good idea.

You happened to go on a trip that changed your life? You participated in a project? You are really passionate about an obscure subject? You are a member of a fandom and you are 100% done with something that is going on? We want to hear about it!

Our only guidelines are that the piece should be longer than 500 words, with an informal tone. Moderate swearing is acceptable.

You can send your ideas/works to or share it via GoogleDocs.


Editing process

If you emailed it: after receiving your submission, we will take a look at it and make comments if we think anything needs to be changed. After that, we will return the document with our comments. It is your choice whether you will make any of the changes we suggested – we won’t do anything without your approval.

If you shared it with us on GDocs: we will make our comments there. We prefer working with GDocs because it allows for maximum transparency.

Any edits are 100% your decision to make!


We look forward to reading your work!