THINX Review Update: A Few Months of Free Bleeding


A few months ago, I purchased three pairs of THINX, tried them out, and loved them despite a few bumps in the road.

I just finished my third period on THINX, and while there were still a few bumps, I STILL FREAKING LOVE THEM. I’ve purchased four more pairs. I have a week’s worth now. I’m in heaven.

The total cost of the seven pairs of underwear I bought was $224.70. This was for two pairs of hiphuggers, one high-waisted, and four boyshorts. (Now I didn’t actually pay that much, I saved like bunch but I’ll get to that later).

According to a 2012 Jezebel study, the average American woman spends $60 per year on tampons or pads, depending on preference, varying for how many products you use a cycle. So in just a few years, my weeks worth of THINX will have paid themselves off.

I mentioned in my initial review that I had been bleeding through the underwear much to my disappointment, but that I realized that my body just produced so much more blood than I thought I did. I realized that something else was going on, though. With the hiphuggers and the high-waisted, depending on the way I’d sit, the blood would slip out through the leg holes of the underwear. I wasn’t necessarily leaking through, but leaking out the sides.

I bought a pair of boy-shorts to combat that. Usually I’m not a fan of boyshorts, because they are always “cheeky” or whatever. They give me a wedgie. But these don’t – they look like athletic shorts, and I don’t think people would know the difference if I just walked around in these. Boyshorts hold 2 tampons worth of blood, just like the hiphuggers and the high waisted, and I haven’t bled through them once. I haven’t even bled out the sides! The absorbent material is longer on the boyshorts, which I assume is because it can be good for sleeping. There isn’t any of that on the fabric that makes up the leg holes, but it still catches it if that blood reaches it.

THINX lets you try their underwear risk free for 60 days, which means that for my hiphuggers and high-waisted I could apply for a return or exchange since it was my first order. I put in an exchange request just for the hiphuggers (the high-waisted pair is just too damn hot to give up), and they got back to me within two days, giving me store credit for the hiphuggers, AND they let me keep the hiphuggers since it was my first purchase! With the store credit I could buy three more pairs of boyshorts for not even the cost of two.

I just love that they let me keep the pairs. They obviously couldn’t sell them, but I figured they still wanted them back. I was told to either keep them or pass them onto a friend, and that’s just such a great message to customers. That’s how confident they are that you’ll love this product, that they’ll basically double your first order for you if you have any issues with it.

I even wore them when I wasn’t on my period, and they were great. I thought I was going to be on my period when I was traveling for Thanksgiving, so I only packed those. And yeah, they kept me dry like how I assume a panty liner would. They are so comfortable that I was honestly debating whether to replace all my underwear with this, but they don’t have purple panties with racoons eating pizza on them, unfortunately.

I worked out the kinks, and they are still great. Even better since I found my fit.

Seriously. Help the environment. Help girls in need through their partnership with AFRIpads. Help your wallet.

Do your vag a solid, and stop shoving cotton up there, okay?


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