I Tried THINX and It Was Amazing

I hate tampons. I could never get the cup to work. I’m tired of spending so much money on pads. I’m tired of the harsh environmental impact that my period has every month thanks to disposable hygiene products.

When you don’t want to use plastic bags at a grocery store, you buy reusable bags.

When you don’t want to use foam pads or cotton tampons, you buy a reusable option.

Like I said, I could never get the cup to work.

So then, what?

I heard of reusable pads, but I just didn’t like the idea of those for some reason.

Then I heard about THINX.

THINX is like a reusable pad – except it’s reusable underwear. It’s period-proof panties. It’s got four layers: moisture wicking, antimicrobial, absorbent, and leak resistance. They last years if you wash them properly. And they are sexy as fuck.

I finally got around to buying some. They do cycle-set deals, and I did the three set to start small and got 10% off. I got two hip huggers and one highwaisted one, both of which are for “heavy days” and hold up to 2 tampons each.

I’m not looking to use these in conjunction with tampons or cups. I’m looking for this to be my one and only method.

Go big or go home, and all.

THINX impressed right from the start. Online, you see diverse models of different body types and races. It doesn’t try to gloss over the fact that it’s for periods – it’s blatant, and that’s one of the company’s goals: to break the taboo on menstruation.

And it’s a charitable organization! For every pair of THINX purchased, they fund a set of AFRIpads (reusable menstrual pads) for a girl in Africa so she doesn’t have to miss school.

You’ll look good, and you’ll feel good.

This is the package they came in:



It’s made of recyclable material, which is a plus. And look at that design!! It’s body positive – you got big girls, thin girls, disabled girls, hairy-legged girls – it’s wonderful. I squealed upon seeing it.

Then you open in and you see how each underwear is wrapped:



I want to hang these on my wall they are so pretty. Each one is wrapped in a card that restates THINX mission, explains the specifics of the underwear bought, and has care instructions.



Then it was the moment of truth. Or like, the first moment of truth.

I’m pretty basic when it comes to underwear but I thought – why not, I’ll get the high waisted.



I’m asexual okay but I feel so goddamn sexy in these like I should be seducing someone.

I also got two hip huggers, their most popular pair. I got one in black and one in beige.



I’m not a huge fan of the lace detailing – they used to have flowers okay I want those. And I was skeptical on the beige at first – how the fuck would that work – but it’s lined in black!  



With four layers, I knew it would be thick. But it’s so much thinner than I thought. It doesn’t look like a diaper, it doesn’t feel like a diaper. They fit great (I’m 5’6”, ~140lbs, size M) and they feel great.

There’s one thing that worried me a little bit.

The special layers that absorb the blood do not cover the entire underwear. That material goes narrowly from the front and fans out in the back.

The latter of which is great, because when you’re sleeping it’ll catch it. I’m worried about the front. When I leak, it’s usually because I didn’t put my pad high enough. I’m a front bleeder, I guess. I like to lie on my stomach a lot, so I’m going to be a little nervous at first (and so disappointed if these don’t work out, I just donated all my pads to Support the Girls). But their website shows a model sitting upside down playing a ukulele, so I have faith.

When these arrived, my period wasn’t going to start for another week. I’d never been excited for it to come before.

There’s a first time for everything, I guess.



I wore the black hip huggers day one, and I absolutely loved it.

I was free-flowing!! I was free!!! It was so great. Just. It was really great. I wore it all day, and slept in it, and felt dry all day. The only weird thing was pulling them up after going to the bathroom, it was cold down there. But that happened with pads too if I didn’t change them.



I wore the beige hip-huggers, and it was the same in the day. Just awesome, I was giddy thinking about it.

In the morning after changing pairs, I went and did laundry. You give THINX a quick rinse, and it was like the blood and disappeared into some like black hole. The water didn’t run clear obviously, but it didn’t run red. It was insane. Then you throw them in the cold wash and hang dry. Just a fair warning, you will need multiple pairs, because these things take a long ass time to dry.

There was a stain on the inside of the underwear, but that happened with my normal underwear when I spotted, so it didn’t bother me too much. I found out later that I prefered to wash the underwear completely by hand, and that I was able to get the dark spots out that way.

Then I ran into a little problem at night.

Like I said, these take ages to dry, so the black hip-huggers were out. I had just taken a shower – do I put on my last pair just for sleeping, or put on the same underwear? You wouldn’t put on the same dirty pad after a shower, right?

Well, I did. Just this time. Their boyshorts now hold 2 tampons worth, and I think I’m going to get a pair just to use for sleeping in.



This was the day I was most excited about. I was wearing my fly-ass high waisted underwear, and I was wearing a dress and sweater-tights. I never do that on my period. I always feel the need to wear pants.

Everything was fine, or so I thought, until I went to change into my pajamas that night.

I had bled through. There were dried red lines on the outer side of the underwear. I had bled through, but THINX’s quick drying-ness saved me from actually leakage onto my clothes.

I wore a tampon once in my life, for a swim test. I didn’t exactly know how much two-tampons worth of blood was. I was certain that I didn’t produce that much, especially this far into my period, but I was wrong.

Honestly, I think this is just a weird cycle for me and that’s why.

So I wash the high-waisted pair in the sink and slap on the beige pair for bed.



I woke up this morning in a completely different position. I was on my stomach, curled up, sideways on my bed.

I got up, went to the bathroom, and.

My worst fear came through.

I had front bled through the underwear.

The absorbing material does not go high enough to catch the blood that rolls down up when lying on your stomach. That’s what I really think they should fix, have the material go just as far in the front as it does on the back.

Maybe I’ll wear those bedtime boyshorts backwards.

But I was also freaked out because – wow, like, I got blood on the nude pair. But I washed them in the sink right away – rinsed the blood off, had it soak for a few minutes in cold water, then washed it with some laundry detergent (no fabric softeners or bleach!) and it came out. There’s no evidence that it ever happened, something I didn’t think was possible.


Overall, THINX are amazing. They’re magic, but magic isn’t an exact science. Despite some issues I ran into, I will swear up and down by these. These are the best thing out there, in my opinion. They are environmentally friendly, a purchase contributes to a good cause, they are durable, and they are cute.

They have this promotion where if you refer a friend, they get 10$ off. And for their purchase, you get 10$ in credit.

Once my friends buy theirs (because seeing them work in person is like a fucking magic show) I’m going to buy myself at least three more pairs. I’m going to have to stop myself from wearing them all the time, because they are that comfortable.

I can’t stop talking about the underwear now, and periods. I never talked about my period unless my friends and I were comparing our levels of pain or as the reason why I didn’t want to go the gym that day. It was always a negative, a taboo, something to be hushed and hidden.

But now, my tongue is just as free as my flow.  

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