Welcome: A Letter to Readers

Dear Readers,

I’m pretty sure someone said that every idea starts with a dream. However, this one started with the lack thereof and I seriously hope that it won’t be jinxed from the get-go because of that.

To put it simply, I had an idea sometime around 3am one night, to create a virtual place where people could share their experiences, interests and write about things that they really want to write about. Primarily women because they are often portrayed as tokens (the non-binary, however, aren’t portrayed at all). Just count all the times that you watched a show where there was a single main female character that had to carry the weight of representing a staggering 49.6% of the population. If she was overly studious and turned into a stereotype of a women who only knew facts and science, well – everyone who didn’t fit that stereotype wasn’t satisfied. If she was standardly attractive and served only to flirt with the rest of the characters, how could she ever represent those who couldn’t flirt to save their lives?

Women have mostly been portrayed as stereotypes. You’re either a bookworm or a model. Sure, there were some hot blonde nuclear scientists with great racks but they’d be killed off by the end of the movie. They’d never stand up to the task of being real women. Guess why?

Because women are not stereotypes. And the world is trying to shove us into these neat little labeled boxes so hard.

And if you are non-binary, then the situation is even worse. Women sift through bad representation to find bits they could identify with, but the non-binary don’t even have anything to sift through. The whole list of fictional non-binary characters is only 14 people. Imagine that.

So what did I realize at 3am? I realized that girls and the non-binary are a lot and know about a lot. I know, this isn’t some shocking info that comes with a clickbait title – we know this. But are we aware of it? Are we aware that we have friends who might study physics but know a lot about history, economics, and play soccer in their spare time? Was I aware that I know girls who are scientists and writers, straddling that perfect line between science and art where magic happens?

Was I really, truly aware that girls know so much, even when it has nothing to do with their professions, just because they’re endlessly curious and super smart?

Now I am.

And out of that came my message to Bethany the next morning, because I’d written a whole bunch of notes throughout the night, barely managed to fall asleep out of sheer excitement because I wanted to read these stories, I wanted to read stories about girls and the non-binary who could and can and kick ass, even if it means just taking up a new hobby that’s setting your soul alight.

Thankfully, Bethany and I are on the same page most of the time, and she agreed to help me start this thing. Over the following few weeks, we defeated shitty wifi, came up with concrete ideas and an idea became a full-blown project that had us squealing from enthusiasm because this is happening.

I know that there are people in the world who are trying to find a cure for cancer and those who have slung their backpacks over their shoulders and are now chilling on the back of a camel somewhere in Sahara, watching the sun set over the golden sand, so this might not seem as impressive, but you know what?

There’s us, too. Us, who are still trying to find our purpose in life. Us, who have long morning commutes and just want to read something interesting and learn more about the world. Us, who write poems on scraps of paper or in our notes apps on our phones during lunch breaks. Us, who believe that our journey has just begun, no matter if we’re 15 or 35 or 55 or even 85.

Us, who find magic in the everyday and believe in moments that can change our lives if we let them. Because life goes on as long as you’re alive and it’s never too late.

I know that there are days when even checking the gender box as Female or Other makes us heave sighs full of exhaustion because it reminds us of being underprivileged, but that’s what this site is here for. To brighten up your day, to broaden your horizons, to inspire you. Ultimately, to make you see all the obstacles in your path but give you enough strength to overcome them.

We’ll always be thankful to people who have helped us overcome the obstacles in our path to creating this site. Rita, thank you for the header image – thank you for turning our vague directions into artwork that left us breathless. Thank you to everyone who sent in their articles and essays. Thank you for believing in us and in this project.

I do have to apologize for one thing – I’ve mostly referred to girls in this introduction. The fact is that there aren’t even official statistics to show how many people identify as non-binary but that doesn’t mean that this site won’t do its best to change it. When Bethany and I first started looking for contributors and polling to see if anyone would be interested in this kind of site, we described it as “a blog dedicated to giving girls and the non-binary a voice, created out of need to show different perspectives and opinions on themes ranging from politics to fandoms.”

And that’s exactly what will do. Hopefully, you’ll hop along on the ride with us.

You can expect amazing pieces this week – from piquant reviews of movies generating a lot of buzz these days, articles on what it means to take pride in doing things like a girl to the report of a girl who has decided to change the world one girl scout at a time.

If you’d like to be notified about them, you can follow this blog on WordPress, via email, or follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Submissions are open and they will forever stay open because we’re here for you. We want to hear your stories, your opinions and your take on the world.


All the love,

Lana Rafaela


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