Zombie Revolution 2k16

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November 9th, around 3 AM EST, Donald Trump was announced as the 45th President of the United States.

I am in mourning for my country. For any hope of our ideals as a nation meaning something real, for the lives that will be lost and ruined and torn apart because of this.

If anyone says that racism and sexism and bigotry aren’t alive and well in America after this, then they’re part of the problem. Only in America, the so called land of the free, can an orange, rapist, tax evader, pedophile, bankruptcy filing, racist, sexist, draft dodger, with no government or military experience be elected over possibly the most qualified candidate in history.

Clinton isn’t perfect – but her biggest flaw is that she’s a woman.

When a friend of mine told me that they wanted Elizabeth Warren as Hillary’s running mate, I told her she was crazy. America isn’t ready, isn’t progressive enough to elect TWO white woman. One would get elected, but two? Impossible.

Apparently, both situations were impossible.

How can we tell girls that they can be president one day with this grotesque injustice in our history? How can we tell women that they should report sexual assault when the president has double digit accusations? How can we tell other nations that America is the land of opportunity when the president wants to deport millions of people with that same notion?

I am terrified for my friends, for my fellow students at my university. For those who are Black or Hispanic or Asian or Muslim, for queer people and for trans people. For anyone who doesn’t fit Trump’s perfect mold of an American. For “All Americans” he claims he will be a president for, but who does he consider American?

I am a white, “straight-passing” woman with no student debt and no foreseeable need for an abortion. I will survive this. Not everyone will. Not everyone I love will.

I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. She’s not perfect, but I never gave her enough credit. To come so far and to lose to that – I can’t imagine what she feeling, or those whose very lives relied on her being elected.

I’m numb. I’ve cried. I want nothing more than to bury myself and shut out the world.

Love didn’t win today. Hate did.

The Dow Jones is set to plummet. I have no idea how much the dollar will be hit. There’s going to be riots. There’s going to be a resurgence of the KKK.

We can’t stop from Trump from being President. We lost both the House and the Senate to Republicans, to Mike Pence who is arguably scarier than Trump.

It can only get worse from here.

Unless we fight.

We can remind them of the constitution. We can lobby, we can recall elected officials. We can vote in 2018 and take back the House and the Senate. We can vote in 2020 to elect a new president.

Hillary Clinton got the popular vote. The country, while stupidly divided, had the majority of votes go to her. She lost because of the Electoral College, because of bigotry, because of voter suppression, because of #NeverHillary 3rd Party votes and because of the fucking 15k people who voted for a dead Gorilla. But fuck, people learn from their mistakes more than their blessings.

Some will claim that democracy is dead. I believed that too last night, around 2 in the morning as I went to bed. But this morning, I listened to Trump’s victory speech and Speaker Ryan’s message and saw that they are trying to backtrack on the bigotry now that got them all elected. I listened to Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, wearing bright purple, the mixture of Blue and Red, the colors and parties that divide our nation, and I don’t think that democracy is dead, at least not forever.

Our democracy is a zombie. It’ll rise up again.

See you in 2018. See you again in 2020.


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